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Where is Lagoinha?

Lagoinha is about 90 km north from Fortaleza located, capital from the state Cearà in the northeast of Brazil. Check the positon on Google Map.nach oben

How do I get to Brazil?

There are a few flight companies which have flights from Europe to Fortaleza.
Charter flights: Air Italia, Condor
Regular flights: TAP, TAM, TACVnach oben

How do I get from the Airport to Lagoinha?

The transfer will cost between 150 to 300 real. The price depends on the taxi company and the type of the car (4x4). nach oben

Journey by bus?

At the bus station „Rodoviaria“ in the center or from the bus station „Northshopping“ you will get the bus direction Paraipaba – Lagoinha. The buses are yellow with big signs “Pegasus”. The journey by bus is cheap, a ride costs only about 10 real. nach oben

Do I need a rental car?

If you like to be independent and know more about the region, we recommend to rent a car. The easiest way is to do this from home.The best car is a 4x4. With this car you can drive on the beach. Or a buggy with driver on the spot. Usual cars are cheaper for rent, but can only be driven on prepared street.nach oben

Do I need a visa?

Staatsbürger der Schweiz, Deutschlands und Österreichs brauchen als Touristen für einen Aufenthalt von bis zu drei Monaten für die Einreise nach Brasilien kein Visum, sondern nur einen Reisepass, der mindestens noch ein halbes Jahr gültig sein muss. Touristenvisa für Bürger anderer Staaten und längere Aufenthalte werden von den brasilianischen diplomatischen Vertretungen ausgestellt.. nach oben

Is English or German language enough?

Brazilians are mostly just speaking Brazilian. Most of the Brazilian habitants can not imagine that someone can not understand their language. nach oben

Do I have to bring cash money or credit cards with me?

In Lagoinha cash money can not be changed or taken from cash machines. Cash or change money should be arranged on the arrival at the airport. Outside of Fortaleza is it difficult to get some money. EC-Card or credit cards with PIN are only accepted on a few cash machines. nach oben

Is there a shopping center?

There are a few small shops in Lagoinha, a souvenir shop, a internet café and a post office and at the beach there is a small market with all kind of things. nach oben

Food and beverage?

During the day there are a few restaurants on the beach they offer local dishes. The food is generally very tasty, cheap and in big portions. Get your appetizer on the Reggaebar (Viva Pepe) on the beach. Our recommendation for the evening is the restaurant „Full xico" on the main square. nach oben

Drinking water?

Water from the tap can only be used to take a shower. Drinking water can be bought in the super market. Be careful when buying snacks and ice cream from the salesmen on the beach. nach oben

Are there dangerous animals?

No there are none, nor at land and in the water. There are a few mosquito’s but with the strong wind, they can’t get in the rooms. And if they do so, we will use some mosquito spray. nach oben

Is the crime rate high?

There are a lot rumours about the crime in Brazil. In the cities this is a serious subject. Lagoinha is 90 kilometres away from Fortaleza and does not have this problem. Common sense and not a snobbish appearance are advisable. nach oben

Sun protectoin?

Sun lotion with factor 30 is a must. Sun glasses are also a must, the sun is always in the zenith. nach oben

What size of kite d I need?

From June till January you should have a 9 till 12 m2 kite. For the rainy season you will need bigger kites. nach oben

Is there a kite shop?

No. So therefore bring you own repair kit and reserve tubes with you. It is difficult and expensive to get spare parts. For small repairs there is a local who offers his services. nach oben

Where is the next kite spot?

Lagoinha is a great kitespot with a lagoon. A close spot is Paracuru which can be reached in half an hour with the car. Some more sports are Guajiru and Fleixeiras. nach oben

Can you book kite classes?

Yes, for more information please check this page.nach oben

Is there a possibility to rent equipment?

Yes, for more information please check this page. nach oben

Do I need a wet suite?

For sure not. It is recommended to wear a lycra with long sleeves and shorts. You can also kite in the swimming suite, just apply a good suntan lotion. nach oben

Why Praia da Lagoinha?

The entire cost of Ceara is perfect for kitesurfing. Combuco might be the well known kitesport for most people. But the ones who like great weaves, crystal clear water and not an overcrowded beach/lagoon are in Lagoinha on the right spot. Close to Lagoinha there are three more surfspots, which can be easy reached by buggy. And not at last because it is a beautiful place.nach oben